WP Composer Changelog

== Changelog ==

= ( July 29, 2019 ) =
* [Fix] Instagram generate token issue when user not log in
* [Fix] Changelog generator function issue in PHP 7.3.x
* [Improve] Update all API for Email Subscriber Services
* [Improve] Move changelog lists to our server, this will give you information that contains updates in real time (updated every hour)
x END x
= ( May 25, 2019 ) =
* [Improve] Re-design the Welcome page, makes it easier for you to understand how to get started
* [Improve] When you install new preset, this plugin will auto scroll to installed preset
* [Improve] PHP 7 Upgrade notification in support page area that will appear if you use php under version 7
* [Fix] Fixes Google Maps setCenter parameter if lat or lng is undefined/ not a number
* [Fix] Fixes slow page scroll when editor is open in frontend editor mode
* [Fix] Fixes broken link that refer to <strong>Google Maps Custom Marker</strong> docs page. You also can access from https://ghozy.link/gmapmarker
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( January 16, 2019 ) =
* [Fix] Fixes enable / disable Gutenberg option
* [Fix] Fixes blank page when Gutenberg is active in WordPress 5
x END x
= ( August 25, 2018 ) =
* [Improve] Item name on each frontend editor menu
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( August 3, 2018 ) =
* [Improve] Settings to enable/disable Gutenberg Editor
* [Fix] Fixes Compatibility with Gutenberg in WordPress 4.9.8
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( August 01, 2018 ) =
* [Fix] Error when adding new preset from Editor after removing any presets from Preset Manager in General Settings
* [Improve] Store all icons to local variable (cache) after loaded, this ways will speed up the next loading
x END x
= ( July 29, 2018 ) =
* [New] Added Undo and Redo option
* [Improve] Ability to import current post/page content directly from <strong>Text Editor</strong> item. See on Toolbar menu ( Import Content )
* [Improve] Now provided frontend editor menu for <strong>Accordion</strong> and <strong>Tabs</strong> item such as Edit, Add, Add Item or Remove
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( July 25, 2018 ) =
* [Fix] User roles issue on post/page lists
* [Fix] Difficulty editing <strong>Accordion</strong> and <strong>Tabs</strong> item type
* [Fix] Disappearance of Item frontend editor menu inside <strong>Accordion</strong> and <strong>Tabs</strong>
* [Fix] WordPress loop inside loop on <strong>Post Carousel</strong> item that caused PHP Maximum nesting level issue
* [Improve] Ability to set <strong>Single Image</strong> item overlay effect color on hover
* [Improve] Ability to set <strong>Post Carousel</strong> read more button label
* [Improve] Now support all GhozyLab featured plugins as WP Composer item. Learn more here https://demo.ghozylab.com/plugins/
* [Improve] Adding Attach Site Info button in support form to send your site information when you contacting us
* [Improve] Product tour now focused on Frontend Editor
* [Improve] New option in General Settings page to reset the Product Tour
x END x
= ( July 19, 2018 ) =
* [New] Newsletter Form Item
* [New] Responsive Tables Item
* [Improve] Now you can open your Instagram images in Lightbox Mode
* [Improve] Now you can set overlay effect and open your single image item in Lightbox Mode
* [Improve] Added Premium Plugins page. Now you can easily select and purchase our featured premium plugins
* [Fix] textEditor item error if current user disable the visual editor when writing option
* [Fix] Lightbox overlay z-index issue with Zoom Lite Theme Floating Menu
* [Fix] Tabs and Accordion item issue when add/edit from Frontend Editor
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( July 11, 2018 ) =
* [Fix] Slow loading an images when editing Gallery or Carousel item
* [Fix] Redirect to previous page not correct when editing from Frontend Editor link
* [Fix] jQuery Draggable issue
x END x
= ( July 10, 2018 ) =
* [Improve] PHP 7 Compatibility
* [Fix] Top right options on Frontend Editor panel should not be visible in editor mode
* [Fix] Array issue on PHP 7 that affected column position
* [Fix] Custom Image Background for Column not applied properly when using PHP 7
x END x
= ( April 15, 2018 ) =
* [Fix] Compatibility with new Instagram API
x END x
= ( March 11, 2018 ) =
* [Improve] Frontend Editor performance, now it run faster
* [Improve] Video Item player, now you can embed from 15+ available video services, learn more here https://ghozy.link/dlyrx
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( February 21, 2018 ) =
* [New] Frontend Editor, make you more easily to design the page
* [New] RAW HTML Item, allow you to put HTML, javascript or CSS code into your page
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( February 10, 2018 ) =
* [New] Contact Form item
* [New] Gradient Background option
* [New] Contact form for direct support request on support page
* [Improve] Ability to set video or parallax background for column
* [Improve] Ability to show social icon on Featured Box Item type
* [Improve] Ability to use individual icon for each list in List Item type
* [Improve] Video tutorial on support page
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( January 29, 2018 ) =
* [New] WooCommerce 100% Compatibility
* [New] Contact Form 7 100% Compatibility
* [Improve] Builder engine performance to make it faster
* [Improve] Image LazyLoad for Single Image item type
* [Improve] Ability to use custom Icon for list shape in List item type
* [Improve] Hover effect option for Pricing Table item type
* Update FontAwesome icons version to 5.0.6
* Update Animate CSS version to 3.6.0
* [Fix] Link picker issue since WordPress 4.9
* [Fix] Video full width on WordPress 4.9
x END x
= ( October 27, 2017 ) =
* [New] Pop up settings menu. The New features that make you more easier to use the editor
* [New] YouTube Gallery Item. Now you can display responsive YouTube video in gallery mode
* [New] Ability to save the Row Expand / Collapse action
* [Improve] Progress Bar item label position
* [Improve] Ability to move the builder editor, so you will easily to view your site front end without closing the lightBox or use preview mode
* [Fix] Fixed Missing Post Carousel description ( WP Excerpt issue )
* [Fix] Fixes for minor issues discovered since
x END x
= ( August 05, 2017 ) =
* [New] Ability to set the Row Label, this option useful if you have a lots of Row
* [Improve] Show or hide video control on VideoPlayer item
* [Fix] Heading size issue on responsive mode
* [Fix] Fixed RTL orientation issue on Back end and Front end
x END x

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